About Us

About Our Michigan Roofing Contractors

It all started in 1894 when Hendrick Eikenhout opened his roofing supply company on Wealthy Street. Still headquartered at the original site, Eikenhout has grown over the decades to 8 branches throughout the state.

In the early years, Hendrick brought his sons into the business to help run it and the Eikenhout family eventually hired two gentlemen by the names of Walter Kok and Peter Albers as their book-keeper and general manager.

In the 1940s, H. Eikenhout and Sons was sold to Walt and Pete.  In 1959 Henry Schierbeek answered an ad in the Banner, a Church publication, and was hired as the office clerk.  It was 1968 when Dick Sonneveldt was hired, following a stint with the Army where he served in Bangkok, Thailand. Henry and Dick worked for Walt and Pete until 1971 when Henry, along with a small group of investors bought Eikenhout.  In 1992 Dick Sonneveldt, Greg Schierbeek, and Mike Chase were offered an option and bought stock in the Company and Erik Brooks was given that opportunity in 2008.  The tradition of Eikenhout owners being involved in the daily operation of the Company continues to this day.

Eikenhout has grown from being a small roofing supplier to a distributor of exterior building materials.  From siding and windows to doors and a variety of trims and accents, Eikenhout supplies the products for any exterior solution.

Our relationships and friendships with our customers span generations and are at the core to what has made us successful for 120 years.  Having a team of employees that share the same values, goals and passion for providing the best service to our customers is what makes Eikenhout the company that it is.

We strive everyday to exceed all expectations; our own, our customers and our co-workers.  These are values that founded the company in 1894 and define who we are today.