Why Winter is the Best Time to Build a Deck

Why Winter Is The Best Time To Build a Deck Holland, MI

Winter is the best time to build a new deck. While it may seem strange to start deck construction in the middle of winter, there’s no reason why it can’t be done. After all, many homes are built during the winter. In comparison, decks require much less work and time to build.

As a building materials supplier, we at Eikenhout are dedicated to helping homeowners get the decking materials they need to build enviable decks year-round.

Here are the top reasons why winter is the best time for building a deck.

Less Waiting

Avoid the spring rush by getting your deck built during the winter. While all your neighbors will be busy building their decks in the spring, you’ll be able to enjoy yours as soon as the snow melts. Winter is the “off season” for many contractors, which means you won’t have as much competition for the best deck builders in your area. Since most homeowners wait until spring or summer to build decks, you’ll spend less time waiting for a contractor to start building your deck.

Easy Digging

Only the first few inches of ground freezes during the winter. When you dig deeper, the dirt comes up like it would during the spring—without the mud. The cold weather hardens the earth enough to create a solid foundation for your new backyard deck.

Low Humidity

Whether you choose vinyl decking or composite decking, the foundation of your deck will still be made from pressure-treated wood. It’s important to understand that treated wood contains moisture, which makes it vulnerable to high humidity.

When humidity increases, the wood absorbs the moisture in the air and swells. Since there is low humidity in the winter, the pressure-treated timber will dry more evenly than if your deck had been built in the spring or summer. Low humidity also helps stabilize pressure-treated wood.

Easy Staining

Before you can stain outdoor decking, you need to wait for the wood to be dry. In the spring, you could wait a long time before you have clear skies. Staining your deck in the winter is a different story. Keep checking the forecast and wait to stain your deck until you have several days of sunshine.

Since rain is much less likely in the winter, you have a better chance of being able to stain decking immediately after construction. Best of all, you’ll be able to get your decking stained and sealed before the spring rains. For the best decking supplies, you’ll want to check out a company that sells construction materials.

More Time to Enjoy Deck

Why wait until spring to hire a contractor and buy decking supplies? When you build a deck in the winter, you’ll have more time to enjoy your deck. If you wait until July to start building, you’ll only have a few months to fully enjoy your wood deck

However, if you begin construction in the middle of winter, you’ll be able to enjoy your new deck as soon as the snow melts. Many people also enjoy using their deck in the winter if they already own a hot tub or fire pit.

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